Apps Like FaceTime For Android

FaceTime is a video calling app for iPhone user. It is a very easy and smart video calling app with many unique and great features. It is designed on new technology that makes it easy to download FaceTime for PC as an advanced video conferencing application. Unfortunately, this application is only available for Apple users. Those who are using Android phones will not be able to use this app. But don’t worry, there are many alternatives of FaceTime for Android phones.


Apps like FaceTime for Android:

If you are Android user, then there are plenty of apps that offers video chat and voice calling facility. Below I am listing some of the best apps for video conferencing which are the alternatives of apps like FaceTime for Android.

  1. Skype:


We all know about Skype. It is one of the oldest video conferencing applications for all platforms. With this application, you can connect with any person from any part of the world. Its app version is very popular, and it has been download by more than 2 million users. In this app, you can connect for video conferencing with 10n people. This application maintains safe and secure process in video conferencing. The main interesting fact in this app is that you can make free voice call to anyone.

  1. Viber:


It is also a great and very popular application for video call for android phones. This app is now being used by more than 1 million unique users throughout the world. The main interesting fact in this app is that you can do group chatting. With this app, you can do messaging and voice calls too. It has one unique feature called social features that will help you to remain updated with any happenings in the world and all its facilities you will get for free. If you have any problem in its use, then its instant support facility will guide you in every aspect.

  1. ooVoo:


This app is newly introduced in the market and is very successful in gaining the attention of many users. This app as first launched on 2007 for Windows PC and later in 2011 for iOS and Android. With this app, you can do video calling as well as a voice call. It is a very light app, and so you run this app in minimum bandwidth. This app offers impressive audio and video clearance. This app is free, but you can upgrade it if you are premium users. Its premium users will get ample storage, and you will be from any unwanted add on it.

  1. IMO:


It is a favorite free video calling app with many satisfies users throughout the world. In this app, you can do video calls and a test message. It requires lo bandwidth, and you can use it on any internet connection like 3G or 4G. In this app, you can send stickers through text message to friends. It automatically shows you the name of friends those who are using IMO. It is a beautiful and exciting app to which you can remain connected with your friend always.


There are many other alternatives of FaceTime for Android users. I have listed best alternatives, and if you have any other options, then please leave a comment in the below comment box.